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Densification in Latin American Cities


Densification in Latin American Cities

Topic: City ​​Management


Discuss necessities and alternatives to promote sustainable urban growth and densification processes, as well as the development of sustainable cities, both in physical and proper aspects of the materiality of the habitat, as well as in those that makeup the planned urban expansion.

Guide Questions

  1. What do we understand by densification? Are there agreements in the region? What is the ideal density?
  2. What are the benefits of the compact city? How to ensure its environmental sustainability?
  3. Low density plots, their decrease and underutilization: risk or opportunity to implement the New Urban Agenda? How does the low-income housing (social interest) market behave?
  4. How does the progress of densification impact universal access to housing?
  5. What are the criteria that should dictate the interventions in urban voids? What role does the social function of property play in this context?
  6. How do rental housing markets operate in a densified city? How does it impact young people's access to housing? Who are the ones that enjoy centrality?
  7. How to plan dense urban environments? (The role of financial tools and planning).
  8. How to link the densification processes and the financial tools available in the different countries in a sustainable way?
  9. Is it possible to integrate the current housing financing policies with densification processes? How?
  10. What actors intervene and what role do they play in planning (or against) dense urban settings? How to promote the consensus process among the actors (public and private) to achieve efficient or inefficient dense urban environments?