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Comprehensive improvement of housing and settlements

Land for housing integration of resettlements

Comprehensive improvement of housing and settlements

Topic: Block: Land for housing, integration of resettlements


To discuss the needs and alternatives for the comprehensive improvement of housing and their environment, as well as the improvement of informal settlements, both in physical aspects and regarding the materiality of the habitat, as well as in the exposure of inhabitants to unsafe and unhealthy conditions for the full development of their capabilities. The cases of Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, and Puerto Rico will be analyzed.

Guide Questions

  1. Where can we find the effectiveness of good practices in Brazil, Paraguay and Ecuador?
  2. What are the key elements of success (instruments, practices, strategies) for the comprehensive improvement of housing and settlements?
  3. How to measure the effectiveness of interventions? What dimensions and indicators to consider in such measurement? On the implementation
  4. In what economic and political contexts have neighborhood improvement programs been implemented in the different countries?
  5. How have they been financed? What is the average investment involved in its implementation?
  6. What has been the role of municipalities in neighborhood improvement experiences? How have private parties intervened?
  7. How to ensure community engagement and participatory management of the municipality in the improvement of settlements?
  8. What is the role of social work?
  9. How to develop effective safeguard mechanisms for involuntary resettlements?
  10. How to achieve greater effectiveness/better relationships with extra sectoral interventions in the settlements under improvement? On the scope
  11. Have interventions successfully incorporated the idea of ​comprehensive development of human settlements? Or rather, have they dealt only with sanitation issues?
  12. What can be done to multiply and scale up neighborhood projects to the scope of cities and countries?
  13. How to ensure the articulation of neighborhood improvement initiatives and territorial and urban planning policies?
  14. How to ensure the incorporation of the neighborhood improvement component in national housing frameworks?