The Forum will take place utilizing interactive methodologies that facilitate dialogue and participation among stakeholders. High-level workshops, panels and conversations will be part of the scheduled activities. Additionally, new modes of interaction will be enabled through the UHPH digital platform, which will feed discussions at the forum and identify new themes for a future agenda.

Our program will be constantly updated as we approach the Forum date. Check back to see more updates!

Types of Program Events

Inaugural conference - "Housing at the center of the New Urban Agenda - a prospective look"

We will begin by the hand of an international expert, getting to know how the urban space and housing are being reconstructed in cities such as Hong Kong, New York and Rio de Janeiro. Also getting to know which are the observed trends and their corresponding effects, and how to anticipate and prevent the challenges coming from the implementation of the new urban agenda.

Master Panel  

The first activity of the day will be a meeting with experts whom based on their experience will deepen on the subject and give us original perspectives with respect to the Urban Agenda


LAVs Workshops and Debate

In this modality of Housing Laboratories, we will learn how the actors of the urban habitat crisis seek realistic shared solutions. Let's listen to their progress and contribute to resolve their challenges on issues such as social rent, densification, rehabilitation of housing in central areas, other forms of property, etc.


Our co-organizers and sponsors will expose their initiatives in an interactive way and on an open stage, while we enjoy a delicious coffee during the break.


Thematic Expert Panels

The advances and new knowledge and practices on issues such as access to land, integration of informal settlements, vulnerability to disasters and climate change, and economic inclusion of those who have been excluded, will be shared with us from different perspectives.


Reserve your space in advance and make an appointment for the meetings with other participants. Share experiences, opportunities and resources.

Experience Exchange Sessions

We will explore the most innovative elements and the most promising models for the new urban agenda with the winners of the Inspirational Practices in Housing and Urban Habitat Contest.

High level dialogues with ministers, mayors and businesspeople

To close the day, these leaders will share with us their proposals and challenges in the construction and execution of the strategic agendas. Through dialogue they open up to others in order to explore options.

Inauguration Cocktail

Let’s give recognition to the best practices selected through the contest, and celebrate the meeting of all the participants and leaders of housing and urban habitat in the region.

UHPH Platform Launch

Through an interactive and live demonstration we will get to know the functions and services offered by the UHPH Digital Platform. All participants will have the opportunity to register and contribute their opinions during the session. Also, the Strategic Plan for UHPH development will be presented.


To close the event, the designated rapporteurs will present to us a synthesis of the main knowledge acquired and the conclusions, as well as recommendations for action on each of the topics discussed during the Forum.




Permanent exhibition of better practices and innovations
Stands belonging to organizers- sponsors- funders